Fashion Flashback


If you’ve ever been to The Garment District, you know that we have entire departments devoted to clothing from bygone eras!  Racks upon racks of vintage (pre-1959), 1960’s/1970’s, and 1980’s/1990’s garments make up a large portion of our sales floor.  And just yesterday we added tons of decades clothing to our 50%-off sale section!  Come take a trip down memory lane and see what we’ve got!

Throwback Thursday: By The Pound


Today’s Throwback Thursday image takes us back to 2003.  This was what the “world famous pile of clothing” looked like – today we call it By The Pound, or sometimes affectionately refer to it as “Dap” or “the Dap.”

Some of you probably remember the pile looking like this: it was on the other side of the store, where Boston Costume’s wigs, masks, and costume accessories are now located.  You can see a bit of the “stage” in this picture – that’s because we used to have bands come and play!

If you have any images from years past at The Garment District, By The Pound, or Boston Costume and would like to send them to us to include in future Throwback Thursday posts, please contact us!