Throwback Thursday: Staircase


Today’s Throwback Thursday takes us back to 2003.  If you’ve been shopping at The Garment District since before 2007, you probably remember that we didn’t always have our big silver staircase!  Prior to summer 2007, the second floor of our store was accessed by a narrow staircase right by our main entrance.  Today, our big silver staircase is much more open, but the old staircase remains as an emergency exit.

Back to School


Start off the new semester with some fresh new finds from The Garment District!  Sweaters, jeans, flannels, skirts, boots, book bags…we have everything you need to make the grade in style!

We had such a fun time shooting our “Back to School” image with the Magic School Busk!  This Cambridge-stationed bus is right up our alley: we love the idea of a fun and colorful school bus that brings art, culture, and education all over the Boston area! The Busk is covered in beautiful, cheerful murals…and there’s even some Garment District pink!