All fresh stock at The Garment District!

We’ve cleaned out the store and filled it with all fresh merchandise!  Check out some images of the new spread below:

Accessories in our 60’s/70’s department:

Rad fringe jacket in our 60’s/70’s department:

Sweet bicycle-print button-down in our 60’s/70’s department:

Super-soft tee shirt in our 60’s/70’s department:

Smokin’-hot jumpsuit in our 60’s/70’s department:

Totally tubular dress in our 80’s/90’s Bargain department – only $12!

80’s/90’s track jackets in our Men’s Room:

Just a few of the bow ties we put out!

Football jerseys in our Men’s Contemporary department:

Some of the dresses we put out in our Women’s Contemporary department:

Three whole racks of sweaters in our Women’s Contemporary department:

Some of the shirts and sweaters in our Men’s Designer department:

Adorable Marc by Marc Jacobs dress in our Women’s Designer department – brand new, with the original tags still on!  The suggested retail price on the tag is $178 – we’ve got it priced at just $45!

Sequin Saks Fifth Avenue dress in our Women’s Designer department:

Some of the new jewelry and accessories we put out:

Denim jackets in our New Men’s section:

Lace-detail tanks by Bozzolo in our New Women’s department.  We’ve got ‘em in a bunch of different colors! 

Super-cute dress by Too Fast in our New Women’s department: 

Our shoe room, chock full with all fresh stock: 

Wow, what a find!  Antique Victorian boots, $15 (left) and $20 (right): 

It’s cowboy boot heaven here at The Garment District! 

Cute Marc Jacobs slingbacks in our Designer Shoe section: 

A view of our Men’s Vintage department: 

Rockin’ western shirt in our Men’s Vintage department: 

Incredible ice-blue 1930’s gown in our Women’s Vintage department: 

Some of our Women’s Vintage accessories: 

Fringe dress in our Women’s Vintage Bargain department: 

Lovely strapless dress with matching belt in our Women’s Vintage department: 

Antique Victorian blouse in our Women’s Vintage department: 

Overalls in our Work/Military department: 

Come on down to 200 Broadway to see our full selection of new, used, and vintage clothing, shoes, and accessories!

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