All Fresh Stock!

We’ve cleaned out the store and filled it with all fresh merchandise!  Check out some images of the new spread:

Here’s what the store looked like at around 9 last night:

Pretty strange, huh?  We took all of the items left over after our big 50% off sale, and cleared it all out!  The items go to a variety of places, but don’t worry, they don’t go sit in a landfill after they leave here!

And here’s just twelve hours later, at 9am this morning:

Yay!  All new stock!

Now, this time around, we’ve also updated the layout of the store.  Here’s a map of the new layout:

It’s a pretty big change, but we like it so far!

Women’s contemporary dresses:

Men’s & women’s shoes:

New shoes:

We also have some totally rad 60s and vintage shoes!

We got in some awesome brand new samples of Karl Lagerfeld for Macy’s:

New Women’s:

Designer handbags:

Used jewelry:

Cummerbunds & suspenders:

Rock tees:

Men’s and women’s 60s/70s:

Vintage dresses:

Vintage hats:


Part of our new bargain department!  Here are some 80s/90s bargains:

We hope you come by and see us to check out the fabulous new stock here at The Garment District!

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