Betsey Johnson Punk Label


A couple of Betsey Johnson “Punk” label pieces in our Women’s Designer department!  The term “Punk label” refers to Betsey’s style of sewn-in labels pictured above.  Sewn-in labels can often be a source of information for about a garment, and the “Punk” labels from Betsey Johnson are no exception: used after she formed her own company (Betsey Johnson, Inc.) in 1978, the labels were typically seen on many of Johnson’s designs from the 1980’s.  Johnson’s colorful and fun “punk” label designs are highly sought after in vintage shops, as well as online – but we’ve got some right here in Cambridge, MA!  Comparable garments can be found online for hundreds of dollars, but we’ve priced the floral shirtdress at $46 and the knit sweater (slightly damaged) at $18.  Come on in to The Garment District for your Betsey Johnson “Punk” label fix today!

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