Vintage shoes!

We were incredibly lucky to get a bunch of incredible vintage shoes over the weekend, as part of our Sell Your Clothes program!  We’re putting a bunch of them out on the sales floor today.  

They are all in remarkable condition (many of them came to us still in the original shoe boxes!)  And there are even more that aren’t pictured!  But these beauties probably won’t last long in our store, so hurry in!


Look Cool, Stay Warm!

Well, most of Monday night’s snow may have melted, but we think the worst of winter may be still to come!  We’ve still got tons of winter clothing and accessories left, so come on in to check out our full selection!

We did our “Look Cool, Stay Warm” photo shoot on December 18th, 2011.  Although only one image makes it to the front page of, we usually do at least a few outfits per shoot!  Here are some other outfit ideas to help you stay toasty warm: Continue reading

Fun fact!

Did you know that the one and only Amanda Palmer procured her wedding dress from The Garment District?!  She ended up wearing the same gown to her nuptials that she had worn for years as a Boston-area Living Statue.  Click here to check out her wedding blog post, it’s an awesome read!

Warm up at The Garment District!

Here at The Garment District we have everything you need to stay warm this winter!  Even though it’s been strangely warm so far (how awesome was the sunshine and 45 degree weather yesterday?!) it seems like it’s getting chillier and chillier.  But don’t fret, we’ve got tons of clothing and accessories to help you stay warm!  Jackets and coats from vintage to contemporary, scarves, hats, mittens and gloves, boots, sweaters…you name it!

Brand new men’s thermals!

Last week we put out some brand new men’s thermals from Northwest Blue!  Pants, shirts, and hooded shirts – these are great for layering to help you keep warm when the weather outside is frosty!

Hooded thermal shirts!  The suggested retail price on these is $29.00, but we’re selling them for just $12.00!

Bottoms for just $6.00, and shirts for just $9.00!

All of these thermals are available in multiple colors, too!