Bundle up!!!

Every year there is some popular winter accessory, but what is popular isn’t important. Its all about what will keep you warm. The Garment District is known for having one of kind things and that always includes accessories. Now that is just starting to get cold, we are full stocked. From sports themed to some nice vintage finds, keeping warm here shouldn’t be a problem. Our store is stocked with new and second hand things and they are always at a bargain! Check out some of our stylish chic looks!

Sunglasses at Garment District

It’s amazing how you can turn one model into 4 different looks with just a change in accessories. All our sunglasses are only $10 and we have wigs in every shape and size (and price point!)

(clockwise) Punk Rock/Biker chick, just add leather jacket and some attitude!  Embarrassing 80’s look, get all your friends together to play an 80’s family and take an Awkward Family Photo. Bank Robber/In disguise celebrity, avoid getting caught by the paparazzi or with the stolen goods. Cool Granny, you can even wear these shades over your glasses!

Faux Sure!

New Front page up on our website!

Faux fur is a great and totally cruelty free way to keep warm and look stylish this winter! Stay tuned for more pics of furry accessories and outfits!

At Garment District we are BIG animal lovers which is why we support St. Meows, one of the few no-kill cat shelters in Massachusetts!  Looking for an new companion or a way to help some kitties in need? Check out their website for information on adoptions, donating and volunteering!

Employee Favorites: Eddie Kent

We recently challenged some of our employees to choose some of their favorite items they’ve gotten here at The Garment District.  Here are Eddie’s picks!

Eddie Kent arrived at The Garment District in the 80’s restyling 60’s and 70’s fashions. Over the last 20 years Eddie has expanded his creative abilities to other areas, such as window displays, merchandising, and now modeling! The Garment District sells Eddie’s collection of pop culture magnets, underwear, and ornaments for the holidays. Divas, such as Lady Gaga, Divine, and Cher are often the subject of Eddie’s work.

eddie 5 tumblr

Pants-Men’s Contemporary, Nina Hagen t-shirt-Men’s Rock Tees, suspenders & hat (used and then studded by Eddie)-Accessories.

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Employee Favorites: Julie

We recently challenged some of our employees to choose some of their favorite items they’ve gotten here at The Garment District.  Here are Julie’s picks!

Feather is from Dollar-A-Pound+. Necklace is from Dollar-A-Pound+. Camisole is from the costume department. Dress is from the women’s contemporary department. Shoes are from the shoe department.

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