Throwback Thursday: 2nd Floor Desk


Today’s Throwback Thursday image is from 2005.  Here’s what the registers on the 2nd floor looked like.  You may remember that we didn’t always have our giant silver staircase – the way to get to The Garment District on the 2nd floor was through a small staircase right by our building entrance, and the registers were in that front section of the 2nd floor.  Today, that area houses part of our Women’s Designer and Used Accessories departments.

Throwback Thursday: Lysander Kemp & Sons


Today’s Throwback Thursday is a Throw(way)back Thursday!  We’re going to delve a little bit into the history of our building.

The current building standing at 200 Broadway was built in 1893, constructed from the shell of the original mid-19th century building that was destroyed in a fire earlier in 1893.  The property was then owned by Lysander Kemp, owner of Lysander Kemp & Sons soap manufacturers.  Our building is the only remaining known structure in Cambridge associated with soap manufacturing – formerly one of our city’s largest industries!

The property was owned by the Kemp family until 1942, when it was sold.  After that, the building was occupied by such businesses as a dog food manufacturer, the Cambridge Printing Company, a bronze foundry, and the Harbor Textile Waste Company – which then led us here, to The Garment District!

Pictured above is an advertisement placed by Lysander Kemp & Sons in the 1914 Cambridge Directory – a full 100 years ago!  Behind, you can see what the building looks like now.  We’re incredibly lucky to have our store in a building so rich with history!

Throwback Thursday: Restyled


Today’s Throwback Thursday image takes us back to The Garment District’s restyled clothing section.    These one-of-a-kind pieces were lovingly re-worked by local designers, including Garment District employees such as Eddie Kent!

We’ve recently unearthed some restyled garments from this era, and are sending some down to the sales floor today!  Here’s Eddie with some of his restyled designs currently available in our store:


Throwback Thursday: Shoe Room


Today’s Throwback Thursday image is of the former Shoe Room.  It’s hard to remember that before Boston Costume moved into our building in 2007, part of their current space was occupied by all of our new and used shoes!  These days, the The Garment District’s shoe department is on the second floor, and this area houses Boston Costume’s packaged costume wall, fitting rooms, and some of their costume hats and accessories.