Make Halloween Great Again!!!!

Here at the Garment District we’ve got the best costumes. We have such a wide selection, you wouldn’t believe it. People come to me everyday and ask “Where’d you get that costume?” I say “Listen, The Garment District is one of, no, The Garment District is the best place to find your costume for Halloween.”


Find your perfect costume at The Garment District and Boston Costume!

Make Halloween Great Again!


DSC_0052New this week: A brand new batch of Eddie Kent’s famous pop culture magnets. Spanning decades of icons, there’s sure to be a star to liven up your fridge!

1970’s Dance Party

Going to the Faneuil Hall Marketplace for the 1970’s dance party this weekend?
We have your outfit covered.
Plenty of far out 1970’s clothing, accessories, and dynomite disco costumes all under one roof at The Garment District and Boston Costume!

Starlab Collab!

We’re very excited to see what the folks from Starlabfest will create with more than 200lbs of clothing they picked up this week in our “By the Pound” department.

Now only $1/Lb on Fridays!


The spoils:

More information is available Here!