DIY Your Own $1 T-shirt!

With summer here things are getting hot. Cool down by cutting some holes in a t-shirt to add style and ventilation! We have a whole bin of $1 t-shirts on the 2nd floor so you can make yourself a whole new wardrobe for next to nothing!  All you need is a pair of scissors, a t-shirt and a few minutes.

First up is a very simple modification.  First cut off the sleeves and cut off the collar to change the neckline. Using a pair of scissors just snip some lines in the back of the shirt. We’ve staggered the slits to make a cool pattern.  Try alternating big and small snips to make different looks!

Next up is a modification that’s a little more involved. We are using a shirt that is too large for the model to make this version. First cut off the sleeves, cut a new neckline, cut off the hem and cut from the hem to the armpit to open up the sides.

Cutting through both layers of the shirt cut fringe into the sides and re-tie the shirt together to make it smaller.  We removed every other set of fringe to make the shirt look more open.

The next step is a little harder but there are some easy to follow videos on youtube. Just cut some big slashes into the back of your shirt, make them as thin or as wide as you like, and follow along:

Comment here if you have any questions. Have fun and stay cool!

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