Halloween Store Pics

It’s October and that means it’s time to get ready for Halloween! Check out some of these fun pics from around the store.

Candy is really big this year, join in on the sweet fun with the super cute candy dress!

The 60’s and 70’s Department is in the Red Room (Garment District slang for our vintage area!). Check out all these funky patterns.

Gold, pink, purple and silver lame leggings! These are only $20 and work for so many costumes!

Superheroes and fairytale costumes in front, our epic costume room in the back. The Costume department has lots of really fun and one of a kind pieces, build your own costume!

Feathery masks for $5 and $6, super mysterious!

Thanks for looking! We’ll be updating this sporadically with cool pics of the store and with fun costume ideas!

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