Fashion Flashback


If you’ve ever been to The Garment District, you know that we have entire departments devoted to clothing from bygone eras!  Racks upon racks of vintage (pre-1959), 1960’s/1970’s, and 1980’s/1990’s garments make up a large portion of our sales floor.  And just yesterday we added tons of decades clothing to our 50%-off sale section!  Come take a trip down memory lane and see what we’ve got!

Winter Essentials


The Garment District has everything you need to look cool and stay warm! As the weather turns colder, our store transforms into a winter wonderland of warm coats, jackets, and sweaters in all sizes, styles, and colors, and from all eras: men’s and women’s contemporary, designer, 1980’s/1990’s, 1960’s/1970’s, and vintage. There’s something for everyone, and all at prices that can’t be beat.

In addition, The Garment District stocks a huge selection of accessories guaranteed to warm you up during these cold months. In addition to new hats, scarves, and gloves, we also carry tons of bargain used winter accessories: winter scarves for just $3.00, gloves starting at $1.00 per pair, and hats starting at just $2.00.

Be sure to check out our Shoe room for cozy, gently-worn winter shoes and boots, all priced at a fraction of the original cost!