Hot Days…Cool Clothes

Come on in to The Garment District for tons of contemporary and vintage summer clothes, shoes, and accessories!

For our Hot Days, Cool Clothes photo shoot, we challenged our models with one of our favorite aspects of fashion: DIY! We printed plain white tee-shirts with hearts and “Garment” and “District” – and then asked Linly and Anna to put their own unique spins on the shirts prior to the photo shoot. We love the results! Linly chose to customize her shirt with dyed lace, and Anna used watercolor paints. Just goes to show how endless the possibilities are!



We clean and restock the store with fresh merchandise every morning before opening, so that we can offer you the best spread of Halloween costumes and accessories around!  Here’s our fabulous merchandiser Eddie working on restocking our tights, Aldaysha working on restocking the wigs, Binky working on the Packaged Costume wall, and Ysabella straightening our DIY Costume room.

DIY Costume Room


Looking for an inexpensive and unique Halloween costume?  Come check out our DIY Costume room!  It’s chock-full of everything you need to piece together your dream costume – individual garments such as tie-dye shirts, tutus, dancewear, retro dresses, and capes, as well as gently worn packaged costumes.  For some ideas, be sure to check out our past Build Your Own Costume ideas (and keep a look out for more ideas coming soon!)  And don’t forget: we’re open ’til midnight every night this month!