Recent Instagram highlights

Here are few Instagram snapshots from The Garment District over the past week!


  • Western-themed circle skirt in our Women’s Vintage department
  • Duran Duran tee from the 1984 Sing Blue Silver tour
  • “Free Willie” Willie Nelson tee
  • Studded denim vest with G.B.H., Descendents, and Bad Brains patches

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20 tons of clothing!

Recently, we were fortunate enough to be able to purchase an entire warehouse worth of clothing.  The lot amounted to nearly 40,000 lbs (or 20 tons) of clothes!  You can see how packed the warehouse was:

The garments had been in a warehouse in Waltham since the 1990’s, as part of the collection of The Closet Upstairs.  We are so glad to give these beautiful garments a new home here at The Garment District.   Continue reading