Get Lucky


St. Patrick’s Day in Boston is always an exciting and fun-filled day!  As the tradition goes, if you don’t wear green on 3/17, you’ll get pinched.  But never fear, here at The Garment District we have tons of verdant-hued fashions to stave off the pinches!  We pulled together some of the green clothing currently available in the store for this picture, featuring all different shades of green, and included clothing from just about every department: designer, contemporary, vintage, 1960’s/1970’s, 1980’s/1990’s.  And buying your St. Patrick’s Day clothing from The Garment District is green on multiple levels:green in color, yes, but also environmentally green: buying second-hand clothing helps keep clothing out of landfills and cuts down on manufacturing demands…so by shopping at The Garment District, you can wear some green, save some green, and help save the Earth while you’re at it!

This St. Patrick’s Day, go green at The Garment District!

We’re getting into the St. Patrick’s Day spirit!  Here at The Garment District, we have tons of green items – and by “green” we mean both verdant-hued and eco-friendly!  Check out some more photos of our St. Patrick’s Day photo shoot and read a little bit about our store’s environmentally friendly practices below the cut: Continue reading