Throwback Thursday: Staircase


Today’s Throwback Thursday takes us back to 2003.  If you’ve been shopping at The Garment District since before 2007, you probably remember that we didn’t always have our big silver staircase!  Prior to summer 2007, the second floor of our store was accessed by a narrow staircase right by our main entrance.  Today, our big silver staircase is much more open, but the old staircase remains as an emergency exit.

Throwback Thursday: Sale Flier


Today’s Throwback Thursday image is a flier for our half-off sale in August, 1997.  Funny that the dates match up exactly to this year’s half-off sale (starting tomorrow!)  Back in 1997, we sold scores of records, CDs, and zines, and we also closed the day after the sale’s end so we could switch out our stock for all fresh merchandise!  Don’t worry…we’ll be open regular hours on Monday August 4th, 2014 – but when we open that day we’ll still have put out more than 20,000 fresh pieces of awesome, hand-picked garments!  We look forward to seeing you for our blowout sale this weekend, and again next week!

Throwback Thursday: 2nd Floor Desk


Today’s Throwback Thursday image is from 2005.  Here’s what the registers on the 2nd floor looked like.  You may remember that we didn’t always have our giant silver staircase – the way to get to The Garment District on the 2nd floor was through a small staircase right by our building entrance, and the registers were in that front section of the 2nd floor.  Today, that area houses part of our Women’s Designer and Used Accessories departments.