This St. Patrick’s Day, go green at The Garment District!

We’re getting into the St. Patrick’s Day spirit!  Here at The Garment District, we have tons of green items – and by “green” we mean both verdant-hued and eco-friendly!  Check out some more photos of our St. Patrick’s Day photo shoot and read a little bit about our store’s environmentally friendly practices below the cut:

The Garment District has been a green company from day one!  Americans throw away millions of pounds of perfectly usable clothing every year.  And with constant trend turn-overs and “fast fashion” production, it can be easy to see out-of-style clothing as disposable.  But don’t throw away your cast-off clothing!  Here at the store, when items come through that are not fit for sale, rather than throwing them away we bale them up and ship them off to developing countries, and overly soiled or damaged garments are sent to a “shoddy mill” and ground up to be recycled for other uses.  But you don’t have to go that far to re-purpose your old or unwanted clothing – rather than letting clog up landfills, you can easily turn your unwanted clothes into cash by selling them to The Garment District!

While you’re at it, let someone else’s trash be your treasure by shopping through our huge selection of second-hand clothing.  Brand new clothes have a high carbon and pollutant footprint – each step of the manufacturing process can have a negative environmental impact.  For example, manufacturing polyester or other synthetic fabrics requires large amounts of crude oil, and releases large and harmful amounts of emissions like volatile organic compounds and acid gases (source).  By purchasing second-hand clothing, we can help do our part to relieve some of these environmental issues.  And here at The Garment District, you don’t have to worry about sifting through racks of out-dated, out of style fashion rejects: we fill our contemporary department with clothing from the past three years, with tons of currently trendy styles available…we even have a designer department!  And today’s trends often reflects fashions from the past, so browse through our sections for vintage, 60s’ & 70’s, and 80’s & 90’s clothing and accessories.

With that, we’ll get off our soapbox and switch gears…to St. Patrick’s Day!  Although we do sell some new clothing and accessories here at the store, we wanted to use only second-hand items for this shoot to highlight the variety of second-hand styles we have at The Garment District.

We did our St. Pat’s photo shoot on February 9th, and had a lot of fun browsing through the store to pick out outfits for the shoot.  In fact, we couldn’t narrow it down, so we ended up doing six different outfits!  Here are some pictures:

For our front page picture, we went for a contemporary style:

  • Shirt: Paul Smith, from the Men’s Designer department
  • Reversible Vest: no label, from the 60’s/70’s department
  • Jeans: Lucky Brand, from the Men’s Designer department (we couldn’t resist using Lucky jeans for St. Patrick’s Day – it’s just too perfect!)
  • Tie: Wright & Co, from the Used Accessories department
  • Shoes: Bass, from the used Shoes department

Outfit set #2: Get Lucky!

Outfit set #3: super 70’s!

Outfit set #4: we couldn’t get enough of the retro fab!

  • Dress: The Kollection, from the 60’s/70’s department
  • Belt: no label, from the Used Accessories department
  • Shoes: vintage Rangoni, from the used Shoes department

Outfit set #5: cool & contemporary!

And last but not least, outfit set #6!  What kind of Bostonians would we be if we didn’t feature some Celtics gear in our St. Patrick’s Day photos?!

Whew!  These outfits are just a small fraction of the St. Patrick’s Day outfit possibilities we have here at The Garment District, so be sure to stop on by to check out our full selection!

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