Winners of our Ugly Sweater Contest!

The ballots are in and the votes have been counted!  It was a close call, but these winners certainly deserve their prizes!  Check out the results of our 2012 Ugly Sweater Contest below:

Congratulations to our Runners-Up, who will each receive a $10 Garment District gift card!

Jennifer, with her festive feline sweater:

“Anonymous,” with a cow-deer Santa sweater:

Jeff, with his Bart Simpson holiday sweatshirt:

C.S., with a mountain-biking Santa sweater:

And Rich and his friend, with a pair of festive sequin kitten sweaters:

Congratulations to our Employee Favorite winner:

Paul and Ryan, with their doubly-matching holiday sweaters (and matching serious facial expressions!)

Congratulations to our “People’s Choice” winner – this entry received a whopping 136 Likes on our store Facebook page!  They will receive a $15 Garment District gift card.

Mackenzie S. and Sarah, with their festive nightgowns, vests, scarves, hats, and spectacles:

And now for our grand prize winner!  The grand prize winner will receive a $50 Garment District gift card.  Drumroll, please…

Ronni, with her meshuggah Hanukkah sweater!!

Congratulations to all of the winners, and many thanks to all of our 32 contestants.  You certainly made it a tough decision!

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